Sunday, 31 March 2013

More memorable entries in the Funny Book

A. Education
  1. Let’s come back to the question, whether the national education has got any original sin. (1979/80)
  2. . . . how to pluck out the good teacher from the bad ones  . . . (1979/80)
  3. . . . to pick up the good teachers . . . (1979/80)
  4. Between the simple wisdom and goodness of the tutors and the awoken courage of the pupils relevant affairs take place. (1989/90)
B. Medicine and Anatomy
  1. A severe pain was throbbing in his left breast.
  2. . . . the risk of ignitable state of the kidneys

C. Family Relations
  1. . . . the Shah’s sister’s spas . . . (1979/80)
  2. . . . this name, which he had inherited from a reputable soldier of the Polish Army, Ludwik, form many years the director of the Józef Piłsudski Institute in London, wouldn’t have been wondered at if it were not for his mother . . . (1979/80)
D. World Literature
  1. Don Quixote ridding Spain of the wicket giants (1989/90)
  2. Putrament’s genial and bluff behaviour, his manners of borderland cavalryman and most of all his melodious accent of Vilnius made me feel fancy and confidence to him. (1989/90)
E. History
  1. The third millennium Before Christmas (1989/90)
  2. The first millennium After Dinner (1989/90)
  3. The Government had introduced Marshal Law. (1989/90)
F. Geography
  1. . . . the enormous and sparsely populated territories of Asia, stretching from the Ural to the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean . . . (1979/80)
  2. . . . the similar centre for tourists and congressmen near Lisbon . . . (1979/80)

G. Politics
  1. Stalin’s very appearance was altogether uninviting (1979/80)
  2. Stalin very soon realised that it was only the vast and underdeveloped Russia, full of burning social questions at the turn of the 20th century, that could give him most opportunities of living to the full. (1979/80)
H. Miscellaneous
  1. There is a nameplate reading Stefan Żebrowski – artist and an old knocker on the front door. (1989/90)
  2. The priest saying celebrating the [requiem] mass had been informed that we were running out of time as he went through the last orders.  (1989/90)
  3. Meat and a good one is also in the market the prices equal those in “Pewex”. (1989/90)
  4. He placed his leather briefcase next to himself on the floor. (1989/90).
  5. The only English architect who took his own ideas seriously was Mr. Goldfinger, who started to live with his wife in one of the houses of an estate he had designed. He wanted to test on himself all the good and bad points of his own creations. (1979/80).

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